Giant St. Bernard Pancakes Human With Cuddles

<p>YouTube: Rumble Viral</p>

Meet Sully, a lap dog trapped in the body of a shaggy St. Bernard.(YouTube: Rumble Viral)

Like most canines with a gentle temperament, he loves to cozy up with the people he trusts most (in this case, his human Dad).(YouTube: Rumble Viral)

Unlike most dogs, tho, Sully is bigger than the lap on which he aspires to snuggle (adult St. Bernards, notes Wikipedia, are massive, weighing in at somewhere between 140 and 260 pounds!). Naturally, this can present some novel challenges for his human counterpart.(YouTube: Rumble Rival)

Such as how to get up without getting splashed with slobber.(YouTube: Rumble Viral)

Or even how to get up at all. That, friends, that is the face of bemused resignation.(YouTube: Rumble Viral)

Watch the entirety of this epic cuddlefest below!

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(YouTube: Rumble Viral)

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