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These 11 Chill Pets On Hammocks Are Doing The Weekend Right

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Lounging around and looking cute all day is a full-time job for these cute critters.

1. Hold on, hold on, let me get comfortable first ... ok. We're good.


2. I'm gonna help you with your gardening annnnnnnnny second now.


3. It still counts as exercise if you just ... look at the wheel, right?


4. This is a really comfortable place to sleep. You should try it sometime.


5. I'm really busy protecting the ship from rats right now, guys. You're safe with me.


6. Oh? I'm sorry ... were you looking for me?


7. Where there's room for one, there's room for ... two?


8. No, it's ok. Your vacuuming won't disturb me. You go ahead.


9. The world moves along ... and this is the place to watch it.


10. How about you prepare dinner, and I'll supervise from here?


11. Look, look! I'm helping! I'm helping, right?