Don't Even Try To Find These 13 Purrfectly Camouflaged Cats

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In the wild, big cats have evolved through the ages to blend effortlessly into their surroundings. Small domestic cats, on the other hand... well, they work with what they can. Check out these 13 felines -- big and small -- who have mastered the fine art of catmouflage.

1. This lion's tawny tones disappear into the dry surrounding grasses.

Photo: saragoldsmith

2. Meanwhile, this tawny house cat comfortably disappears into... the couch.

Photo: emmamerrow

3. This leopard's spots fade into the dappled shades of the ground cover.

Photo: alan miles

4. And this spotted house cat found his own good spot.

Photo: Unclerooney

5. This gorgeous Florida bobcat leaves no trace in the leaves.

Photo: Craig ONeal

6. As a matter of fact, leaves are always a good place to hide in... wherever you can find 'em.

Photo: Crazyhyena

7. This serval's hard to spot in the vast golden plains of the Serengeti.

Photo: Gopal Vijayaraghavan

8. Speaking of vast golden plains... how about a Golden Retriever?

Photo: theilovecatssite

9. This jaguar lounges peacefully while fading into the background.

Photo: Bex Ross

10. But sometimes you're just too adorable to fade away completely...

Photo: caturday

11. This desert bobcat's fur is perfectly shaded to blend into the surrounding wood.

Photo: Joshua Barnett

12. Yes! Wood would be a perfect hiding spot.

Photo: ilovecatssite

13. And finally... when all else fails, just make your own catmouflage. (No one will ever see you coming.)