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Donkey Left For Dead Jumps Up To Hug Her Rescuer

She would come to be called Maroesia by her rescuers, but when she was struck by a car and left for dead, she had no idea what the future held.

Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire

Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire

It was February 2015 when she was discovered on the road, with wounds, a broken shoulder and two terribly shattered front legs. She was just 2 weeks old.

"She was hit by a car on the streets, and they left her for dead, bleeding on the street," Marina Melis, founder of Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire, told The Dodo.

Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire

Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire

Melis, who has been rescuing donkeys for 23 years on the Dutch Caribbean island of Bonaire, named the baby donkey Maroesia, after her own mother, and welcomed her to the sanctuary she runs.

Slowly, Maroesia recovered.

She was fitted with splits to help her walk with her new friends, the other rescued donkeys at the sanctuary.

Melis was determined to help the donkey left for dead not only survive, but live a happy life.

Finally she has the life she always deserved.

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