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Dolphin Asks Diver To Help Untangle Her Fin

With a hook in her skin and the line wrapped around her pectoral fin, this dolphin needed help. Luckily she found someone who could free her.

Keller Laros was diving off the coast of Hawaii in 2013 when he came across the unlucky dolphin, who had gotten tangled in the discarded fishing gear. In a video taken by a fellow diver, she appears to ask him for assistance.

She swims up to Laros and shows him where the hook is.

YouTube/Keller Laros

Using just his hands, Laros removes the hook, but the line remains.

YouTube/Keller Laros

The dolphin stays close by as he reaches into his belt for a pair of scissors.

YouTube/Keller Laros

Once he cuts most of the line free, she swims off back into the ocean's abyss.

YouTube/Keller Laros

Laros, who cofounded the Manta Pacific Research Foundation, a manta ray protection group, with his wife, told The Dodo that although he's rescued many animals from hooks and entanglements, this was the only dolphin. "I have removed hooks and fishing lines from many manta rays, a few turtles," he said. "[I] even tried a shark once. The shark was not successful."

While untangling marine life can be dangerous even for qualified individuals, it's much easier when the animals themselves appear to be asking for help - and this dolphin certainly seemed grateful to regain the use of her and fins.

Watch the full rescue below.