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Hundreds Of Dolphins Surprise Tiny Fishing Boat With Incredible Stampede

<p> <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Y65JLUAaOg" target="_blank">YouTube/Robbie Ragless</a> </p>

A group of South African fishermen had the experience of a lifetime last week when they found their boat surrounded by hundreds of dolphins.

Robbie Ragless, who recorded the footage, told Eyewitness News that the superpod appeared around midday, chasing a school of baitfish.

YouTube/Robbie Ragless

"We just saw the frenzy on the horizon and didn't know it was coming straight for us and caught ourselves right in the middle of it, which was quite cool," he said.

Ragless added that he thought there were around 1,000 dolphins, but the numbers could have been higher.

"Oh my god, this is awesome," one of the boaters says in the video. "You guys can see the water. Dolphins are literally swimming under us. Millions of them. Absolutely millions of them."

"Wow, this is a story you're going to live to tell your kids one day, my friend," he adds.

YouTube/Robbie Ragless

Dolphin "stampedes" are one of nature's coolest phenomena, measuring up to five miles across, but it's unclear what causes them.

In any case, these dolphins make for an incredible sight. You can watch the full footage of the unbelievable experience below.