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Dolphin Pod Swims Gracefully In Blissful Drone Footage

<p><a class="checked-link" href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqqT5z-hEbs">Burnz Eye View/YouTube</a></p>

As incredibly social animals, dolphins are often seen in pods of about a dozen individuals. While watching them from boats is surely a pleasant sight, there's nothing more impressive than following a dolphin pod from above, with the help of a camera-equipped drone.

This pod, seen off the waters of San Diego, Calif., was filmed gracefully weaving through the waves by a quadcopter.

(Burnz Eye View/YouTube)

Dolphin pods are usually about this size, but they can get much, much bigger. Large groupings, colloquially called "superpods," can reach numbers of 1,000 individuals or more.

(Burnz Eye View/YouTube)

Members of the pod often display altruistic behavior toward one another - some have even been observed staying to help injured or ill individuals, even raising them to the surface to breathe, if necessary.

(Burnz Eye View/YouTube)

See the entire peaceful video below.