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Dog’s Family Chained Her To Fence … And Then Moved Away

Somewhere between being abandoned in chains and living on death row at an animal shelter, Dolly had a fleeting moment of joy.

Shortly after being rescued, she was spotted leaping and playing and, well, being a dog at the shelter.

It took her a while to get to that point. But now, she's back where she started.

Dolly was found chained to a fence without food or water in San Bernardino, California. Her owners had simply moved away.

When she finally regained a healthy weight, the Australian shepherd mix was put up for adoption at the city animal shelter.

She came roaring back from the brink - playful and brimming with energy. She seemed downright jubilant.

But as time wore on, and shelter life with its ceaseless noise and bustle took its toll, Dolly began to sink into depression. Her number has yet to come up for adoption. But there's another number looming over her head. Dolly has been at the shelter since October 17. Her days are running out.

She was lost and found ... and now, she may be lost again.

Let's find Dolly a permanent rescue.

If you're interested in adopting Dolly, call 909-384-1304 or visit the San Bernardino City Shelter's website.