There Are 8 Types Of Dogs In This World. What's Your Dog?

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We meet a lot of people in our lifetime - and we also meet a lot of dogs. Just like people, there are different kinds of dogs you'll meet along the way.

The Savior

This is the dog that has always got your back, no matter what. He's always trying to rescue you ... even if you're totally, 100 percent fine. You've been sleeping a little too long? Rescued. You're in any sort of body of water? Rescued. This dog is constantly making sure you're safe, at all time, at all costs. It's OK, he's happy to do it.


The Life Of The Party

This guy has a family he lives with ... somewhere? He's the neighborhood dog who is basically like the mayor. He knows, and is loved by, everyone. At parties he's constantly making the rounds, wanting to make sure everyone gets a chance to pet him. He's the dog that makes you feel like he's yours, even though he's really somebody else's. That's OK. This pup wants to be everyone's best friend - he lives for it.


The Young-At-Heart

It doesn't matter how old this pup is. She will ALWAYS be a puppy, in her eyes and in everyone else's, too. She has more energy than a pack of screaming preschoolers, and loves screaming preschoolers, for that matter. This is the dog who is 18-years-young. She'll always have more energy than everyone else, and it's pretty darn endearing.


The Overachiever

This dog is good at everything. Literally. He's the fetch champion. He can find anything you need, always, at all times. He could probably learn to use the toilet, if you really wanted him too. He's the trick master, the command obeyer and the valedictorian of doggie training school. It's this dog's life goal to make all the other dogs look bad - well, not really. He's only really competitive with himself.


The Underachiever

This dog is the laziest. It's not a bad thing - this pup just loves to laze around all day. He's essentially the exact opposite of the overachiever. Learn to play fetch? But sleeping is way more fun. Run around? Meh, he's very preoccupied laying around instead. Something awesome that comes out of all his laziness? He's the best cuddler around. For real.


The Clinger

This is the dog who refuses to ever leave her owner's side. She will whine forever when her owner leaves the room, and acts like she hasn't seen them in AGES when they come back. She is so grateful to the person who gave her her forever home that she just wants him around ALL THE TIME. She loves everyone else too, of course - she's just a mommy/daddy's girl. Nothing wrong with that.


The Tease

This dog isn't unaffectionate - she just doesn't give affection for very long. She's the dog that will come to you, sniff you, then run away to play with something or someone else. She hides occasionally too, just to see if you'll find her. She's just very distractible, and thinks it's funny to tease you. You think she's going to come and love you? NOPE, CHASE ME. It's just who she is. She can't be tamed.


The Over-Licker

The over-licker really, really loves you, and he's going to show you exactly how much - with five hundred licks per minute. Yes, this pup really, really likes to lick to show his affection. Hands, knees, faces: It really doesn't matter. Every interaction you have with this dog leaves you a wet, slobbery mess, just like he is. But how can you even say no?