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13 Dogs Who Have A Serious Case Of Wind-Face

1. "Darn it! I was having SUCH a good hair day before this!"

2. "A few open windows, and suddenly I'm a mad scientist!"

3. "This wind is bringing so many new smells to my nose right now!"

4. "I KNEW having long hair would be a pain!"

5. "Does this breeze make my ears look big?"

6. "What? Do I NOT look stunning in this light breeze?"

7. "It's a shame I have no way of seeing the beautiful view ... "


9. "I'm pretty much James Bond right now."

10. "I don't care if it musses my hairstyle - sticking your head out the car window is like entering another dimension!"

11. "OK, Human, you're gonna need to give me a good brushing after this, or my curls will be ruined."

12. "No. My hair is SUPPOSED to look like this."

13. "Boy, this wind tastes just as good as it feels!"