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13 Dogs Who Just Want To Hit The Snooze Button One. More. Time.

1. "Ugh, lights ... why are these lights so bright?"

(Reddit: Florida106)

2. "Mornings are haaaaard!"

(Reddit: rpao888)

3. "But ... I can't just leave this perfectly good blanket burrito."

(Reddit: SoonerLax45)


(Reddit: jamiesam26)

5. "Here I go, I'm out of bed. Happy?"

(Reddit: nzsteeze)

6. "But I just found the perfect position ... "

(Reddit: gorfelet)

7. "Sorry, I'm stuck, I can't get up."

(Reddit: LoadedUp_8)

8. "WHO disturbs my slumber?"

(Reddit: noyellinginhalls)

9. "Just give me five more minutes!"


10. "But ... it's so cold outside of these blankets."

(Reddit: Meeeeeezer)

11. "Please stop talking."

(Reddit: mysteryfoxes)

12. "I was in the middle of an epic dream!"

(Reddit: southpa1331)

13. "Fine. But I'm only getting up because I love you."

(Reddit: Gordondel)