14 Dogs Who Forgot How To Bed

1. "Are you telling me I'm NOT supposed to sleep inside of my bed?"

Reddit: EricRShelton

2. "Thanks for getting me this head perch! It works great!"

Reddit: SquarishWheel

3. "I thought I was doing it right, and then ... I don't know what happened."

Reddit: Ahnita

4. "Beds are kind of complicated."

Reddit: captramrod1

5. "I think my aim was kind of off ... "

Reddit: Bumbo1

6. "... Am I doing it right?"

Reddit: jsbisviewtiful

7. "I'm pretty sure it's SUPPOSED to be on its side."

Reddit: Throlkim

8. "I think it fits me perfectly."

Reddit: MrAkademik

9. "This bed feels an awful lot like the floor."

Reddit: zeb7

10. "Sleeping under the bed is ALL the rage, I'm pretty sure."

Reddit: hmt1000

11. "What? It's SUPPOSED to be a little snug."


12. "Ahh. Found the perfect spot."

Reddit: RyanReynoldsisCreepy

13. " ... I don't think I did this right."

Reddit: djscribblescrabble

14. "What? This is how I'm most comfortable!"

Reddit: kl040809