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14 Dogs Who Forgot How To Bed

1. "Are you telling me I'm NOT supposed to sleep inside of my bed?"

2. "Thanks for getting me this head perch! It works great!"

3. "I thought I was doing it right, and then ... I don't know what happened."

4. "Beds are kind of complicated."

5. "I think my aim was kind of off ... "

6. "... Am I doing it right?"

7. "I'm pretty sure it's SUPPOSED to be on its side."

8. "I think it fits me perfectly."

9. "This bed feels an awful lot like the floor."

10. "Sleeping under the bed is ALL the rage, I'm pretty sure."

11. "What? It's SUPPOSED to be a little snug."

12. "Ahh. Found the perfect spot."

13. " ... I don't think I did this right."

14. "What? This is how I'm most comfortable!"

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