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16 Dogs Who Can't Possibly Be Comfy Like That

1. "This is how chairs are SUPPOSED to be used, right?"

2. "I love my food so much, I have to sleep on it."

3. "You weren't planning to eat on this, were you?"

4. "Mrmmmf aeddff warmmmff."

5. "This is good for my back."

6. "Holding your butt in the air is good for circulation."

7. "This way I'm always the first one to grab the remote!"

8. "What? Are you saying I'm not beautiful?"

9. "It's always best to sleep with your feet in your face."

10. "A smooshed face is a comfy face."

11. "Sorry, I'm comfy here - you're just gonna have to NOT use the stairs."

12. "This is not a toilet, this is my personal headrest."

13. "If your legs were this shapely, you'd sleep like this too."

14. "If this coffee table isn't a dog fort what could it POSSIBLY be used for?"

15. "This is pretty comfy once you get past the lily pads."

16. "This way I can look out the window MUCH easier."