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18 Dogs Who Are Straight Chillin' In Their Kiddie Pools

1. "Finally! I can work on my summer tan!"

2. "Sorry, this is a members-only pool. Which means only I'M allowed."

3. "This is DEFINITELY the best way to cool off."

4. "So long, Winter! Can't say I'll miss you!"

5. "Floaties + buddies = Spring Break heaven."

6. "Ugh! I've just been NEEDING some Me Time, ya know?"

7. "A shower AND a pool? Is this real life??"

8. "No, this pool is definitely not for kids. This pool is for dogs."

9. "Um, I ordered a daiquiri like AN HOUR ago ... ?"

10. "I feel like a glorious, furry mermaid!"

11. "Wish there was enough room for the two of us, Human, but, oh well ... "

12. "No. You may not enter my private grotto."

13. "Hello, welcome to mah bucket pool!"

14. "THIS. This is the life."

15. "The pool is an excellent place for quiet contemplation."

16. "I'm a bathing beauty!!"

17. "That's OK. I only needed my bottom to be cool, anyway."

18. "Safety first."

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