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25 Dogs Who Refuse To Accept That They're No Longer Puppies

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"My dog still thinks he's a puppy - 'Human, i think this thing shrunk'"

"He's sat on this chair since he was a puppy. I guess he doesn't realize how big he's gotten..."

"He still thinks that he is a tiny puppy. I don't have the heart to tell him he is not."

"She isn't a baby anymore, but she's still my lap dog...I'm 6 1/2 feet tall"

"She isn't even 1 year old yet and she no longer fits."

"12 years later and I still love the little guy."

"Our dog, Spock, still thinks he's a little puppy..."

"Still a lap dog. I just lack enough lap."

"3 months later and she still wants to sit on my lap driving.....I don't think she understands why she can't anymore."

"She still thinks she's a puppy"

"Our lives haven't been the same since, but we wouldn't change a thing."

"My peke Estée doesn't realize she can't fit in her food bowl anymore"

"What do you mean I'm not a puppy anymore?"

"Once a lap dog, always a lap dog"

"My friend's dogs, then and now. SO CUTE <3"

"She is upset she can't fit in the window sill anymore"

"She doesn't fit quite like she used to"

"Brian thinks he still is a puppy who can sit comfortably on my lap... He is not."

"[O]ver 100lbs and he still thinks he's a puppy"

"Jessie is still a puppy at heart"

"3 years later, puppy on head."

"150 pounds later and he's still a lap dog."

"She's sad because she doesn't fit under the bed like she used to..."

"Even though he outgrew it a while ago, he still loves his puppy bed."

"A year and a half and 70+lbs later she's still my little girl."