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Actors Fall In Love With Their Dog Costars

Best coworkers ever.

Have you ever freaked out when a dog came into your office for a day? Well, imagine how you would feel if your coworkers actually were dogs.

"A Dog's Purpose" is a new movie out in January about life through the eyes of a dog, and all of the different people he meets along the way. The movie is made up of a cast of talented actors and actresses - including a whole bunch of dogs.

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From the moment the actors stepped on set, the experience was made better by all of the dogs constantly roaming around, giving unconditional love and support to their costars.

"Trip plays Bailey in the movie," Bryce Gheisar, who plays Ethan, a young boy who grows up alongside his dog, said in a video. "We just became friends like that."

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All the dogs involved in the movie are incredibly friendly, intelligent and easy to work with, and bring smiles to everyone they encounter on set.

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"As soon as I met him I was so impressed," KJ Apa, who plays an older Ethan, said about one of the pups. "He's so talented."

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Many of the actors grew up around dogs, and working with the dogs in the movie reminds them of how much they love and appreciate their own furry friends back at home.

"I can't remember not having a dog, really," Dennis Quaid said.

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"A Dog's Purpose" comes out on January 27. Check out the full behind-the-scenes video below:

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