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8 Singing Dogs Whose Talent Simply Can't Be Ignored

1. Singing in the shower sounds much better when you have some canine backup.

(YouTube: Rumble Viral)

2. Classical music can be kind of boring, so it's fun to put a dog's spin on it.

3. Road trips go by much faster when sing-alongs are involved.

(YouTube: Fun'n'Fun)

4. Pretty much everyone in the animal kingdom was affected by the "Frozen" soundtrack.

(YouTube: Brittany Boll)

5. Don't listen to the haters - sing as loudly as you want.

6. Don't be shy! Pharrell would definitely welcome some dog harmonies.

(YouTube: Kevan Kay)

7. The front-seat passenger is always responsible for choosing the sweet jams.

(YouTube: Geoff Stockton)

8. The best way to spread holiday cheer is singing loud, for all to hear!

(YouTube: Feimages Pets)