Dogs Are Running For President And It's The Cutest Thing Ever

Good boys.

With election day fast approaching, those who aren't huge fans of either candidate have been suggesting alternate options - their dogs.

"I know how I'll be voting in a few weeks: my corgi Pancakes for president," one Reddit user wrote online recently. And indeed, Pancakes is definitely dressed for the role.

Look at that pose. So presidential.

When another Reddit user saw Pancakes and his campaign, he was quick to make clear who he was voting for - a different candidate, but one just as cute as Pancakes.

"Don't vote corgi, vote dachshund! He is a good boy."


In fact, many dogs have been dressing up in the same costume with their presidential game faces on ...

... proudly wearing their "vote for me" buttons ...

... more than determined to prove that they would make a WAY better president than a certain other incredibly loud, disrespectful candidate ...

... and, of course, they're probably right.

After all, who wouldn't trust those faces? These are candidates with our best interests at heart. Can you say free treats for everyone?

While some dogs might not be brave enough to campaign on their own, they're still showing their support by wearing their "dog for president" buttons.

This country needs someone loyal and trustworthy - and these dogs aren't backing down until the right candidate is elected.

Dog for president!