32 Dogs Recreate Photos From Their Puppyhood

"Same pose, same place, three years later ... "

"Twelve years later, and I still love the little guy."

"Rottweiler puppy, then one year later."

"My how he has grown."

"Beans ... one year later!"

"My girlfriend and her dog, then and now (fourteen years later)."

"My dog Boomer in the exact same spot 10 years later!"

"One year later (pillow for scale)."

"This is Brandy and me on her first birthday, and 14 years later on her fifteenth."

"Here is my doge, one year later."

"Seven weeks to seven months."

"True love, 13 years later."

"Eight years and 80 pounds later, he's still a puppy at heart."

"My friend's dog, one year later."

"Our boxer puppy laying on our adult boxer, three months apart."

"Three years later, same happy smile."

"Fourteen years later ... me and my pup."

"One year later."

"A year and a half and 70 pounds later, she's still my little girl."

"Then and now."

"Three years later, still spends hours trying to get into coconuts."

"Me and my dog. Ten years later."

"Nearly two years later, she's grown into her ears."

"Eight years (and one dead plant) later ... "

"My dog and me, 14 years later."

"She still sleeps with her tongue out, two years later."

"Three years later, puppy on head."

"When we first got her on October 8 of last year, she immediately curled up against my stuffed polar bear. Almost a year later on her first birthday, she still cuddles with it."

"Ten years later ... "

"Our buddy Machaca, 11 weeks old the day we brought him home vs. three years later on his birthday."

"How he has grown. Six months goes by quick ... "

"Fourteen years later ... Nikki is still the best Hanukkah gift a kid could ask for."

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