Viral Video Of Dogs Playing Is The Happiest Thing You'll See All Day

There's nothing quite like the unbridled joy of happy pups at play.

Matt Buckmaster

Last week, Matt Buckmaster took his little Italian greyhound, named Penelope, for a day of fun with other pets at an indoor play facility in Seattle. There, she quickly found herself surrounded by new friends, one of whom was more than eager to engage her in a thrilling game of chase through a tunnel set out for just such a purpose.

The premise may sound simple enough, but video of their romp is quickly going viral - racking up more than a million views in just a matter of days.

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While it's obvious that Penelope and her pal are having the best day ever, there's more happening in this game than meets the eye. Allowing pets to interact with others like them, especially from a young age, helps to foster their friendly nature which, in turns, makes their lives even happier - just ask Penelope's owner:

"She loves playing with other dogs. She's the most outgoing Italian greyhound anyone has ever seen (so I'm often told)!," Buckmaster tells The Dodo. "Dogs gain SO much from good socialization. Penelope is a perfect example of the benefits of that."

Best of all, it's so much fun to watch.