Here's Definitive Proof That Dogs Always Make Everything Better

Those of us lucky enough to work in dog-friendly offices know that having furry friends around the workplace is the best. It reduces everyone's stress level and adds some humor and levity to otherwise routine workdays.

But, of course, the majority of office employees don't get the pleasure of working side by side with dogs on the regular. So the pet food company Dogswell decided to surprise a group of unsuspecting New York City office workers with dogs.

Like, a lot of dogs.


The idea behind this canine ambush was to help alleviate the workers' stress. Here's how it went down: The Dogswell team pretended to be a news crew planning to interview everyone about stress in their workplace.

Then they arrived and unleashed the dogs.


Most of the pups just ran around giving out kisses and demanding belly rubs, but some actually made themselves useful around the office.


And then guess what happened? Nobody. Could. Stop. Smiling.


Kind of hard to be stressed when you're surrounded by so many fluffy little goofballs.

Watch the full video below:

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