What Your Dog's Name Says About You

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Bet you didn't think naming your dog Pancake said something about you. Well, think again!

When you find yourself with the great responsibility of naming a pet, there are a lot of things to consider. After all, a name can say a lot about a dog's personality - and yours, too. In fact, according to Rover.com, it may actually reflect back on you more than it does on your dog - deep, right?

Here are some different types of dog names and what they might say about the human who came up with them.

Animal name

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You are a lover of all things furry - and scaly, slippery, slimy and any other animal adjective, for that matter. Animals are your jam, and you often find yourself liking them a lot more than you like other humans (which is totally OK).

The top three animal names for dogs in 2014 were Bear, Teddy and Moose. For you, your pet represents the animal kingdom and all its wonderful inhabitants. You're probably outdoorsy and active, and have a strong desire to travel and see the world.

Person name

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The top dog names of 2014 show that a lot of people give their dogs human names, which means they probably hold their dog in as high esteem as any family member.

Eighteen of the top 20 dog names for 2014 were human names, which really isn't surprising. Your dog is more like a son or daughter than a pet, and a lot of the time you treat him that way - as in, you spoil him rotten. Maybe you occasionally feed your dog off your dinner plate or post too many pictures of him - why wouldn't you? He's your kid.

The top dog names of 2014 were Max, Buddy and Charlie (for males), and Bella, Lucy and Daisy (for females), so it would seem there are a whole lot of people who see their dogs as members of their family. What a shocker!

Disney name

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You want your dog to be able to do and be anything she sets her mind to. To you, nothing is impossible - even magic and fairy tale endings. You are likely a very optimistic person with a strong silly side, and you love goofing off and not taking things too seriously. Also, obviously, you probably like all things Disney a whole lot.

Maybe there's a specific movie you named your dog after - there were 900 percent more names from "Frozen" in 2014 than after its release in 2013. People just can't seem to let it go (sorry, sorry) - although, the top 3 Disney names for dogs in 2014 were Nala, Lady and Princess. No matter what the "Frozen" junkies say, "The Lion King" will always be the best Disney movie. Always.

Cutesy name

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For you, the best part of having a dog is how adorable she is. You're the person who is almost in tears watching dog videos on the internet and wants to adopt EVERY dog you see. Names like Baby, Fluffy or Squishy (I would TOTALLY name a dog Squishy) seem like the best idea to you, because they represent everything you love - cute, sweet, adorable things.

Pop culture name

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You consider yourself pretty trendy. You might be a little nerdy sometimes (anyone out there have a dog named Yoda?), but you're always in tune with what's happening in the world of pop culture: what movies are coming out, which celebrities have recently screwed up, etc. Some highlights from the from top 10 pop culture dog names include Dexter (from the TV show "Dexter") and Piper (from the TV show "Orange Is the New Black").

To you, it only makes sense to name your dog after one of your favorite movies or fantasy book series. With that kind of name, you know your dog will essentially become the coolest dog around. Maybe he'll even become the next big thing. Quick, where's your camera?!

Food name

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You are, without a doubt, a foodie. But you're also probably a very sweet person who loves all things adorable, which is why you would be totally OK with a dog named Cupcake or Lollipop. The top three food-related dog names for 2014 were Ginger, Pepper and Peanut. Chances are, you love good food and good friends and relaxing at home with your food-loving dog.

Quirky name

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You have a quirky, out-there personality - and couldn't be happier about it. You want your dog to share that side of you, too, so giving him a kind of out-there name works for you. You're a very confident person and don't really care what anyone else thinks. You're silly and playful - just like your dog's name.

Sports name

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You are a huge sports fan (duh). Watching spots and talking about sports is a huge part of your life, and thus a huge part of your dog's life as well. You might be a pretty active person, but you also enjoy zoning out on the couch and rooting for your favorite team when the game is on. Your dog is a huge fan of this activity, obviously - what pooch doesn't love cuddling up to his human on the couch?

The top three sports names for dogs in 2014 were Chase, Champ and Wrigley - any of those sound familiar?

Power name


Your dog is a superhero, and you want people to see him that way. He's tough, athletic, protective, and he deserves a name that reflects that. You named your dog Zeus? Total power name. You are probably a very confident person who has a lot of pride. You probably take great pride in the way people see you - and your pet.