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29 Dogs Falling In Love With The New Baby

<p> <a href="http://www.reddit.com/r/aww/comments/150t0h/my_sisters_dog_isnt_too_happy_about_the_new/">Reddit/kdinardo</a><span></span> </p>

1. "Thanks for the new cuddle-buddy."

2. "Why is it so tiny?"

3. "We like all the same things."

4. "I can keep an eye on things here."

5. "I think I'll just stay right here and look at it."

6. "Maybe that bib should say 'Dog Loves Me.'"

7. "You're pretty small, aren't you?"

8. "This new human makes a great pillow."

9. "When will it play with me?"

10. "He's mine now."

11. "I gotta admit something ... I'm not sure what this is."

12. "Bring it closer so I can sniff it."

13. "There's two of them!"

14. "Can we keep it?"

15. "Even though it's the strangest dog I've ever seen, I love it."

16. "I'm little too, ya know."

17. "I think it likes me too!"

18. "How can it be so small but so loud?"

19. "My baby. Mine."

20. "Should I get it a treat? Do you like treats?"

21. "I'll take over from here."

22. "I may only have one eye, but I can look after this little creature."

23. "Mmm, hey there."

24. "I will hold onto it for a while."

25. "It has no hair! I shall keep it warm."

26. "I can hold my head up enough for the both of us."

27. "It smells a little funny but I don't mind."

28. "Is it ever going to get bigger?"

29. "You did good, bringing this thing home."

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