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Dogs: Masters Of Disguise, Kind Of


I know cunning, intelligence, and stealth are typically attributed to felines, but let's not forget dogs! In some cases, they can easily blend into their surroundings, forcing you to do a double-take to spot them. Sometimes, well, they try at least. A+ for effort!

1. It's a rock! It's a plant! It's another ro....oh wait, that's a dog!

Photo: yourdogplus

2. Cruella de Vil missed a pup...

Photo: yourdogplus

3. These pups aren't napping, don't be fooled...

Photo: pinkbluelovescute

4. They are lying in wait...

Photo: pedigreedatabase

5. Lying like a RUG! (get it?)

Photo: kulfoto

6. Ok, maybe some are ACTUALLY napping...

Photo: yourdogplus

7. Or just posing...

Photo: yourdogplus

8. Sometimes, pups just get lost in the fold...

Photo: centhound

9. When all else fails, dive under the couch!

Photo: oddities123

10. Or duck into a drawer to peep from...

Photo: oddities123

11. I can't see you -- so that means you can't see me -- right??

Photo: oddities123

12. No one puts puppy in the corner...

Photo: oddities123

13. Sometimes the easiest hiding spot is amongst friends :)