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Meet The Pups Who've Mastered The Head Tilt

<p> <a href="http://ink361.com/app/users/ig-1506370331/sprinkles_the_pug/photos?utm_source=dodo&utm_medium=externalsite&utm_campaign=dodo-headtilt" target="_blank">@sprinkles_the_pug</a> </p>

There are few things that are cuter than a curious pup tilting its head, trying to figure out the world around them. We always want to capture that that adorable moment, but it's easy to miss! Check out these Instagrammers who were lucky to get a snap of that cuteness!

1. Why would anyone not allow puppies on the bed?

2. I've been working on my head tilt game since I was a puppy.

3. Who's the cutest of them all? Well, me, of course!

4. What exactly do you mean when you say doggies can't have candy?

5. Lols, what's a bat dog?

6. Cookie? Yes, I want cookie.

7. Why can't I climb up trees like squirrels?

8. What do you mean this isn't a bed?

9. Hmm, I'm really not sure how your socks got all those holes in them.

10. How dis toilet work?

11. Hey Ma, who's cuter?

12. I really don't know how all the stuffing got everywhere.

13. Get in the shower you say? But why?

14. What do you mean doggies don't need sunblock? Lather me up, human!

15. Why deez pumpkins so big?

16. So you're saying some people don't like black dogs? That's crazy!

17. What's personal space mean?

18. What do you mean dogs can't go to work? I am a pawfessional!

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