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How We Roll Up To The Party

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What's the best way to make an entrance at the party? Roll up with your dog as your plus-one! Now let's go!

PART I: Pre-Departure

"Get in, human. We're going to the party."

"But if you don't teach me how to drive, I'll never learn."

"Fine. You can drive, but I'm gonna DJ."

"90.7 is playing my jammm! Turn it UP!"

"Mirror selfie for myself. And we're clear for takeoff."

"Start the car! Let's go, let's go, let's go!"

PART II: The Journey

"And we're rolling!"


"Are you serious? There's gonna be a POOL at this party?!"

"That means we can go swimming!!! Right?!"

"Best seat in the car? The pup holder."

"Wake me up in like 20. OK?"

"Hey ... Do you think you could scoot over? You're messing up my hair."

"How about letting me take the wheel for a while?"

"OK, I'm done trying this. You can drive now."

"Can we pull over for a pee break?"

"The door's locked!"

"Let's turn off the radio and just talk."

" ... So I think I'm gonna dig up that old bone I buried last year."

"I forgot to bring a gift. Do you think this will work?"

"This weather should clear up before the party."

"What did I tell you?! It's BEAUTIFUL outside!"

"You don't understand. My ex is gonna be there."

"We make good car buddies, don't we?"

"We should travel together more often."

PART III: Almost There!

"We're gonna be late! Step on it!"

"Turn off the GPS. My instincts will navigate us from here on out."

"Hey, dude, you know how to get to Metrowest Boulevard from here?"

"I see balloons tied to a mailbox! We're almost there!"

"Right here! Left turn!"

"No one else is here yet ... Circle the block a few times!"

"Let's keep driving for a while ... The real party is right here with you!"

youtube/Keith Hopkin