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12 Thoughtful Dogs Who Just Wanted To Bring You A Present

1. "Technically they're ALL for you, but THIS ONE is my favorite."

(Reddit: rdsyes)

2. "I thought you might need a marshmallow right now."

(Reddit: iFargie)

3. "These always make me feel better when I need a snuggle."

(Reddit: loopies)

4. "Here, have my most-prized turtle."

(Reddit: betarose)

5. "I heard you like coffee, so ... "

(Reddit: ewaewa123)

6. "Here are some keys to add to your collection!"

(Reddit: Bulldogjim)

7. "I saw your hair this morning and I just KNEW that a brush was the perfect gift."

(Reddit: thoseyellowelephants)

8. "Go ahead and take the horse. He'll make you happy."

(Reddit: mailboxrumor)

9. "This bear has special healing powers, I promise."

(Reddit: teuchtercove)

10. "I can be the Prince Charming to Your Cinderella!"

(Reddit: morganlafaye)

11. "It took me years to collect these. You may choose one."

(Reddit: KonyDaBoss)

12. "I could see from the look on your face that your coffee needed some extra tennis ball this morning."

(Reddit: heyredditheyreddit)