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Sibling Strays Living In Parking Lot Have Nothing But Each Other

The small patch of grass on the edge of a Hardee's parking lot may not be scenic or cozy, but for two stray dogs, it's home.

The grass island where the dogs hang out sits between the fast food restaurant's parking lot and a busy highway in Wartburg, Tennessee, where cars and trucks constantly race past.

In a small act of compassion, several customers have begun offering the dogs hamburgers on their way out of the parking lot, according to a Facebook post by a man named Terry Haberman, who spotted the dogs earlier this week.

It's unclear how long the dogs have lived on that grassy area, but Haberman has been working to make sure they don't have to stay much longer.

"They are on a busy road and have NO shelter at all," Haberman wrote.

"They will walk down the road to a nearby Sonic for food then go right back to their spot on the curb," he continued.

"They are siblings born outside 2 years ago. Mom was killed by a car. Dad was taken by a passerby," another local wrote in a Facebook post.

It's obviously a dangerous place for a dog to call home, but one of them is still reluctant to leave. A recent attempt to relocate the dogs to a proper home almost cost one of the dogs his life.

"The red dog will let you pet him, [but] the white one is skittish," Haberman wrote in the post. He later commented that the dog began to run toward the busy highway when people tried to rescue him the previous day.

On Tuesday night, Haberman commented that a rescue had agreed to take in the dogs, and he planned to return the next morning with a trap to help safely relocate them.

Unfortunately, Wednesday's attempt was also unsuccessful. Red was willing to approach the rescuers, but White was afraid and "trap savvy," according to a post from another person involved in the rescue.

While the rescue organization makes plans to safely find the dogs new homes, a foster mother has agreed to check in on the dogs and provide food and water for them as they await their new chapter in life.

It may be a while before the dogs find their new home, but as far as stray dogs go, these are fairly lucky. While many live on for years without anyone noticing them, these two dogs are receiving attention and care from the compassionate people of Wartburg, Tennessee.