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Dogs Trapped In Vicious Flood Needed A Miracle

Bravery and quick thinking made all the difference for two dogs trapped in a treacherous current on Saturday.

Argentinian rescue organization Fundacion Argentina de Rescate Animal (FARA) saved the two pups from a flood in the province of Tucumán. The province has experienced torrential rains and widespread flooding in recent days, with dozens of households evacuating to escape the Medina and Chico Rivers' rising waters.

The dogs, who appeared to be strays, had found themselves stuck in the Camino del Peru Canal, where they were in danger of being swept away by the current.

Luckily, FARA rescuers were able to lower a ladder onto the riverbank, climb down to the treacherous waters and hoist the dogs to safety - no easy feat considering the steep drop and speedy current.

Facebook commenters praised the organization for its quick - and incredibly brave - action. "A thousand times thank you," wrote one user.

"The good deed of the day!" wrote another.

A little bravery certainly goes a long way.

FARA has an impressive history of rescuing animals from treacherous situations. Last week, the group rescued a litter of seven puppies who were trapped in a storm drain.