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23 Dogs Going Swimming For The First Time

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1. "This is the best, wettest walk ever!"

2. "This new water bowl is a little too big for me ... "

3. "Wha ... what is it!?! It's sloshy!"

4. "My butt is soaked! I love it!"

5. "Something is happening to me. This air feels wet."

6. "I'm not convinced this is fun yet."

7. "All my friends are here too? This pool thing is great."

8. "Hmm, walking feels different today."

9. "I'm coming, Mom! I'm coming over!"

10. "Promise you won't let go?"

11. "I feel smaller. Do I seem smaller to you?"

12. "Yes, I think I like this big, cold bath."

13. "I'm ready to go back inside now!!"

14. "I don't actually have to go IN the water, right?"

15. "It's the perfect size for me! Thanks!"

16. "COLD! I'm getting out of here, Dad."

17. "I'm floating! I must be a better swimmer than I thought ... "

18. "I'm flying! I'm flying!"

19. "Look, Mom! I'm a fish!"

20. "Am I allowed to pee in the pool? Also it might be too late ... "

21. "Please bring my lunch out here so I can eat it on the raft. And put a little umbrella in it."

22. "Don't leave me in here alone, OK?"

23. "I don't understand what kind of weird grass this is, but I know I love it!"