9 Dogs Who Don't Want You To Leave For Work

1. "No, no, it's fine ... I'll just sit here BY MYSELF all day."

(Reddit: moshady54)

2. "No human can resist the guilt-inducing puppy dog eyes."

(Reddit: ryanhupfer)

3. "Maybe if I mope hard enough you won't leave ..."

(Reddit: grumbythump)

4. "Oh, okay ... so you're leaving. ARE YOU EVER COMING BACK?"

(Reddit: pimonroy)

5. "B-b-but ... I'm so much cuter than work!"

(Reddit: RobTheThief)

6. "Aw, come on! I promise, I'll sit by your desk in total silence, you won't even know I'm there!"

(Reddit: bfg124)

7. "Okay, har har, very funny joke - now come back here right now!"

(Reddit: TennBuck)

8. "It's okay. I'm okay. I'll just wait right here for the next nine hours."

(Reddit: Teners1)

9. "Alright, I brought you all of your favorite stuff so you HAVE to stay."

(Reddit: accidentpronehiker)