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16 Dogs Who DEFINITELY Didn't Play In The Mud

1. "I swear, the puddle just appeared out of NOWHERE!"

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2. "Um, this isn't mud ... this is ... chocolate."

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3. "No way, this is how I ALWAYS look!"

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4. "The shoes did it."

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5. "That's just a birthmark on my nose."

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6. "Me? I would NEVER play in the mud."

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7. "Mud? Why do you ask?"

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8. "This ... this isn't what it looks like."

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9. "Um ... I just ... fell in. On accident."

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10. "Honestly, I have no idea who broke into our yard and made these paw prints!"

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11. "Nope, nothing unusual happened while you were gone."

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12. "I was framed, I tell ya!"

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13. "Nope, didn't see any mud anywhere!"

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14. "A mud monster just ATTACKED me!"

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15. "Well, there was this smell that I absolutely HAD to investigate ... "

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16. "No way, my paws are totally clean - SEE?"

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"... OK, FINE, maybe I played in the mud just a little bit."

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