Photos Show Dogs Trying SO Hard To Catch Treats

So much determination.

Dogs tend to go a little crazy when faced with the prospect of treats, and one photographer decided to try and capture that magical moment.

Photographer Christian Vieler began taking photos of dogs trying to catch treats a few years back, and the results have been pretty majestic.

Not all of the dogs are able to catch the treat Vieler throws at them the first time around ...

... and in fact, it seems like very few are able to catch it on the first try.

Every dog that Vieler has photographed seems to have a different reaction to having a treat thrown at his face.

Some are incredibly enthusiastic ...

... while others try WAY too hard to catch the airborne treat.

Some dogs don't put much effort into the whole catching thing at all.

This guy seems a little nervous about catching his treat ...

... while this guy is just downright skeptical.

No matter their reaction, though, every dog seems at least a little bit excited for the moment when they finally get to eat the treat ...

... especially this guy, who casually hit the treat jackpot. He's the ultimate good boy.

You can see more of these hilarious photos on Christian Vieler's Facebook page.