Best Friends Rescued From Terrible Past Just Want A Home Together

Daisy helps blind BFF River get around, and River comforts Daisy when she's sad.

Sometimes, a couple of dogs who come from the same broken background need each other to feel whole again.

Like Daisy and River.


Both rescued during an animal cruelty investigation by the Pennsylvania SPCA, these dogs - Daisy is a 4-year-old collie and River is a 6-year-old Jack Russell terrier - arrived at the Philadelphia shelter in June looking for a fresh start.


But they couldn't quite leave their past behind. River was nearly blind. And Daisy had a serious wound on her back that took a long time to heal.

In fact, the only good thing about their past lives was each other. It's a bond that remains unbroken at the shelter.

"They are literally always at each other's sides, and their size difference is no barrier," Gillian Kocher, of the Pennsylvania SPCA, tells The Dodo. "If you take them out and interact with them, you will see right away that they love each other - and people - very much."

And it goes beyond friendship. Daisy and River are each other's caregivers.


Daisy is River's seeing-eye dog.

"Daisy acts as River's eyes, often leading the way and guiding River ensuring that she isn't in harm's way," Kocher explains.

And River is Daisy's comfort. When she isn't feeling great, her tiny best friend curls up against her, "perhaps even keeping her warm by laying on top of her while they are sleeping."


But Daisy and River no longer have to rely only on each other. Recovered from their ordeal now, they're looking for a family to give them the kind of home they should have had from the start - a place to spend their golden years.

And yes, they need a home together.


Think you could help? Visit the Pennsylvania SPCA's adoption page here.

You can also support Daisy and River by making a contribution to their medical fund here.

Watch a video about Daisy and River's incredible bond below:

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