15 Pet Duos Who Are Exactly Like You And Your Best Friend

1. A BFF is always willing to get into mischief with you.


2. A best friend will stay by your side - even if you're being a little weird.

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3. When you're with your bestie, there's no such thing as "personal space."

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4. You're always excited when they come over to play.

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5. A true friend is happy to share what they have with you.

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6. Whenever you're down, they know how to comfort you.


7. You can tell them any secret and know they'll keep it safe.


8. You don't actually have to DO anything when you're together - being lazy is perfectly OK.


9. Sometimes you spend so much time together that you start to get on each other's nerves ...

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10. ... but you guys always manage to forgive each other.

11. A BFF will always help you out. Even if it involves doing chores.


12. They don't mind being the big spoon.

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13. Sometimes you two think so much alike, you show up in the same outfit!

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14. A bestie is always down to take a friendship selfie with you.

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15. Most importantly, your best friend has always got your back, no matter what.

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