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Dogs Who Love Shopping With Their People

There's nothing better than finding a store or business that's dog-friendly. Our dogs love coming shopping with us (or at least - that's what we tell them), and there's one store that dogs seem to be getting REALLY into lately.

Bed Bath & Beyond.

People are REALLY into taking pictures of their dogs cruising around the store - and are documenting these adventures on Instagram. Because really, dog-friendly stores are the best stores.

Dogs are heading there looking for treats ...

... crazy appliances and gadgets ...

... and a whole bunch of other stuff you can easily convince yourself you desperately need, like this dog has. We support your purchases, buddy!

The store is one of a handful that are dog-friendly, and even has specially marked carts in some places, so that dogs know exactly where to ride.

Whether your dog is teeny tiny ...

... or a little bit bigger, they can come shopping with you and give their expertise on fancy dinner plates and shower curtains. A dog's opinion is the best opinion!

Some pups like to bring a buddy when they shop to help spot the good stuff ...

... while others might bring a pillow along to shop in comfort and style.

While not every dog is jazzed about being dragged along on their human's errands ...

... most are pretty pumped to finally be included.

Happy shopping, puppers!

Oh, and to all the other stores out there that don't allow dogs: YOUR MOVE.