16 Dogs Who Are Pretty Sure That Bath Time Is The Absolute Worst

<p> Reddit: cecillaj731 </p>

1. "This is dreadful. At least I have this towel to comfort me during my hardship."

(Reddit: copperbl)

2. "Wait a minute ... did you say ... BATH TIME??"

(Reddit: cecillaj731)

3. "I don't know what I did to be punished with such cleanliness."


4. "How could you do such an atrocious thing?"


5. "I smell like soap now, and it is terrible."

(Reddit: PandaJinx)

6. "You have betrayed me, Human!"

(Reddit: bibliomn)

7. "I have no idea what is happening right now."

(Reddit: JollyTom)

8. "Do not look at me. This is TOO embarrassing."

(Reddit: LegitToad)

9. "Why, Human? Why all of this water?"

(Reddit: Pimente)

10. "Uh, I can't come to the bath right now, I have to make an important phone call ... "

(Reddit: WildScorpion)

11. "I will get you AND all of your shoes for this."

(Reddit: Toxin197)

12. "I do not understand why we had to bring soap and water into this relationship."


13. "I swear I don't even need a bath! I'm sparkly clean!"

(Reddit: LionLeo)

14. "Don't even think of putting that soap on me."

(Reddit: Velurkiraptor)

15. "I am no longer amused. Not one bit."

(Reddit: thejmoose)

16. "Never again, Human!"

(Reddit: teraflux)

Note: Be sure to use these best practices when bathing your dog - who knows? Your pup may learn to love bath time!