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Dogs Who Know Love Always Trumps Hate

They joined their families in protests across the country.

Since Donald Trump was sworn into office, people across the country have taken to the streets to protest his actions. After Trump signed an executive order banning citizens from seven countries from entering the U.S., these protests became more prominent than ever - and many demonstrators brought their dogs along.

Dogs love everyone, no matter where they're from, and these politically aware dogs took to the streets with their parents to remind everyone that love will always trump hate.

All dogs want to be good dogs, but this guy would give it all up just to help.

This little corgi is not at all shy about how she feels about Trump's plans ...

... and neither is this guy.

This pit bull knows exactly what it feels like to be discriminated against, and he stands with his friends who are facing the same struggle.

This sweet dog is a refugee, too, and declared it proudly to help fight for others like him.

Here's a dog who knows exactly what it means to be a good boy ...

... and a dog who loves everyone, no matter what.

This pup's message is very simple ...

... as is this gal's declaration of love.

While many dogs helped protest the ban and the wall directly, some dogs came out to the protests to express other sentiments.

This guy has a solution for all our problems ...

... and this gal is just so done with all the hate.

This good girl behaves every single day, except when she's trying to make a statement ...

... and this dog wore a sign to make the most important statement of all.

This dog had a few choice words to share ...

... and this guy reminded us all that Trump CLEARLY doesn't have his priorities in order.

Love will always trump hate, and these dogs clearly understand that.