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8 Ways Having A Dog Helps You Score Dates

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Getting a dog may seem like a move toward "settling down," but for those without a monogamous mate, a dog just helps step up your dating A-game. Here's how ...

1. You finally have an excuse to approach the hottie with the pup at your favorite coffee shop ...

... Or the one you always see on your morning run.

"Ohai ..."


"... I think my dog wants to meet your dog ..."

2. Pffft ... As if you have to approach people anymore. Your dog is a babe magnet.

"Her name is Phoebe ... What's yours?"

3. Your dog is so cute, everyone automatically swipes right on Tinder.


4. People have a great excuse to message you on OkCupid, too.

"You have a dog? OMG! ... "

"... We are like, 1,000% compatible ... "


5. The dog park is a total meat market ...


... And the people you meet there just get it.

6. You get to know all the other dog owners in your building ...


... And it's pretty obvious when they become single.


7. You're the belle of your local dog-friendly bar.

"Why yes, this seat is open ... "

8. But best of all - no matter what happens in your love life - you already come home to someone you adore.

... Maybe it's time for another dog?

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