Dog With 'Two Noses' Just Wants A Family Who Loves Him

He's 7 months old and just like any other puppy.

When Gates was brought in to the Lexington Humane Society in Kentucky, the staffers at the shelter immediately noticed that he was a very special puppy.

Lexington Humane Society

The 7-month-old boxer/pit bull mix was surrendered to the shelter by his former family because he had parvovirus, and they were unable to get him the care he needed.

"Fortunately, Lexington Humane Society has an excellent parvo survival rate, so Gates was in good hands," Emily Tolliver, digital communications coordinator at the Lexington Humane Society, told The Dodo. "He came through his illness just fine thanks to our hardworking medical team."

Aside from being sick, Gates had another very obvious difference sitting in the middle of his face - the little puppy appears to have two noses.

Lexington Humane Society

"He does have a congenital nose abnormality, so his nose is split straight down the middle," Tolliver said. "It gives the impression of having two noses, but it's actually just one! He has two nostrils and everything functions just as it should."

While Gates may look a little different, he's actually just like every other puppy, and loves to play with and give love to anyone and everyone he meets.

Lexington Humane Society

"He is a very sweet and playful boy," Tolliver said. "He loves, loves, loves to cuddle and get lots of attention."

Now that Gates is feeling better and free from the parvovirus, he is looking for a brand new home and a family who will love him just as much as he loves life. He may look a little different, but he so much love to give, and that's what matters.

Lexington Humane Society