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Dog With Rare Condition Gets Acupuncture To Ease Her Pain

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A 4-year-old dog named Luca was lucky to get a loving family when she was just a puppy - but no one knew there was something going on inside her that would render her hind legs paralyzed.

Luca was diagnosed with Intervertebral Disk Disease (IVDD), a serious condition that causes nerve compression, which results in pain and even paralysis.

Luca had emergency neurosurgery to treat her disease, but even after the successful procedure, she had to learn how to use her legs again.

So her family decided to do something a little different - they decided to take Luca to an acupuncturist.

TKQUOTE on why.

Luca went to Animal Acupuncture, a practice in New York City run by Dr. Rachel Barrack, veterinarian and certified veterinary acupuncturist, who believes in bridging healing arts from the East and West - all for the sake of our pets.

After TK visits, Luca's family began to notice a difference. Then after TKTIME, Luca was up again - and nothing could stop her!

Some skeptics say that acupuncture for animals has a placebo affect for the concerned humans who love their pets - it makes people feel like they're doing something to heal their animals, but not really making a difference.

But others, including experts in veterinary medicine, see acupuncture as a viable option, if paired with regular medical care.

"Acupuncture from an accredited and certified veterinarian can be very beneficial,"Dr. Robert Proietto of Proietto Vets, told The Dodo. "It is not a substitute for western medicine but should be used in conjunction for treatment of various conditions."

Look at her now!