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Dog With Mass The Size Of A Basketball Looks So Different Now

He can't stop kissing his rescuers.

When Mango was found on the streets of India, he had a giant tumor-like mass hanging under his chin.

Animal Aid Unlimited, a rescue organization in India, got a call about Mango and knew they had to help the poor dog. Rescuers offered the pup some food to gain his trust, and then quickly took him back to their headquarters to see if there were any way they could get rid of the huge mass.

After examining him, Mango's rescuers determined that the mass was an abscess which could hopefully be drained.

They did their best to drain it, and then inserted a small tube into Mango's neck to let it continue to drain after the surgery.

The mass had been so large that no one was sure exactly when Mango would be completely healed. He seemed to be doing OK after the operation though ...

... and in just 15 days, Mango was, miraculously, completely healed.

The mass is now completely gone, and it's hard to tell that it was ever there at all.

If Mango hadn't been found, the infection from the abscess likely would have killed him. Luckily, he was rescued just in time, and now gets to run and play with his rescuers.

Check out the full video of Mango's rescue below: