Dog In Wheelchair Chases His Big Friends DOWN

Albert is a tiny rescue dog with a big personality. He lives with his three other rescue dog siblings in Connecticut, and loves to run and play with them.

Albert's favorite place to run is the beach, and he won't let anything stop him from enjoying the sun and sand ...

... not even his wheelchair.

Albert doesn't have the use of his back legs, so he uses a wheelchair to get around. One might think that it would be challenging for Albert to do all the same things his brothers can do ...

... but if it is, Albert certainly hasn't noticed.

Albert has his own Instagram account, Albertonwheels, which features him and his siblings frolicking along the water.

He loves to follow the other dogs around, and there is probably nothing that says "anything is possible" more than a tiny dog in a wheelchair chasing after the bigger dogs with no doubts whatsoever.

Sometimes Albert waits for his siblings on the edge of the water ...

... and sometimes he jumps right in. Because he is unstoppable.

Albert's mom, who is a huge advocate of rescue dogs, often captions photos of Albert with #whatdisability, and it couldn't be more true. Albert has no idea he's different from any other dog - or if he does know, he simply doesn't care.

Nothing can stop him from running and chasing his friends, because that's what he loves to do.