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This Dog Wearing Braces Is About To Give You A Perfect Smile

Get ready to open your mouth and say "aww."

This is Wesley, a happy pup who was having a bit of a problem. As his adult teeth grew in, they were so misaligned that he was actually unable to close his mouth completely - which, as you might imagine, would make everyday tasks, like eating, rather troublesome.

Fortunately, help was on the way. And brace yourself, it's adorable. (Pun intended.)

Rather than live life with his pearly whites all askew, Wesley visited Harborfront Hospital for Animals, a clinic in Michigan that offers, among other procedures, orthodontics for dogs.

That's right! Wesley was fitted with braces to correct his crooked teeth - and his grin afterward already couldn't be any cuter.

As anyone who's ever worn braces themselves knows, they can be a little uncomfortable at first. But when it comes to Wesley, the clinic says he hasn't been bothered by them at all, adding that he'll probably only have to wear them for a few weeks.

Staff at Harborfront Hospital for Animals, run by veterinarian James Moore, are the first to admit that pet owners are often surprised to learn that such dental procedures are even an option for their furry loved-ones.

"When people hear that Dr. Moore is a 'doggie dentist,' they immediately say things like: 'What? Does he put braces on dogs, too?'" the clinic wrote on Facebook. "The answer is . . . yes. Yes, he does."

Here's Dr. Moore, visiting with another patient.

Unlike braces for humans, which in many cases are used for cosmetic purposes, those for pets are usually required to resolve a dental abnormality affecting an animal's health. And we couldn't be happier that there's an option to resolve it for Wesley, and all the other pups facing similar challenges.

After all, every dog deserves a perfect smile.

To learn more about orthodontics for dogs, or to find a specialist near you, talk to your pet's veterinarian.