Dog Walker Photographs His Pack In All Their Favorite Places

When you leave your dog with a sitter, you assume they'll take a few walks to the park and call it a day ... but one dog walker takes his job to a whole new level.

Chris Iles, of Christopher's Critter Care in Northern California, is no ordinary dog walker. Instead of just taking his charges down the street and back, he takes them on grand adventures - and photographs every single one.

Chris finds beautiful, peaceful spots for the dogs to hang out ...

... facilitates group car rides ...

... and even takes the pups to historic landmarks.

The dogs seem to love the adventures so much that they have no problem sitting still for a few photos ... no matter how elaborate or crazy they are.

Chris clearly loves his job, and his pups, very much, which makes for some very happy dog parents, too.

"He loves these dogs and treats them all so well," Reddit user seanlee2013 wrote about Chris. "We get pictures every day of their adventures. Luckiest dogs ever!"

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Chris also seems to be quite the dog whisperer. Many a dog parent has been baffled by how he gets their dogs to behave so well. "Sometimes I get pictures with 15 or so dogs, all lined up. It's amazing," seanlee2013 wrote.

Chris also has his own brand of leash, the WalkPro, which he uses for all the dogs in his care.

Chris's dogs are lucky enough to go on the very best adventures life has to offer, meaning no dog has ever enjoyed being left with a walker as much as these pups.