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Dog Waits Outside Hospital For Sick Owner

She's been there for days.

If Maya could, she would be right there at her best friend's bed.

But the faithful Akita has to settle for a post right outside the doors of the Elda General Hospital in Spain.


You see, that's where her owner, Sandra Iniesta, was admitted last week for an urgent operation on her appendix, according to The Telegraph.

Of course, Maya doesn't fuss over the details of the diagnosis. She just knows her mother is inside.

And she will wait right here for her until she returns.

We've seen cases of dogs demonstrating their boundless loyalty to their owners. Especially when it comes to Akitas. Remember Hachiko? He's the Akita who would escort his favorite human to the Tokyo train station every morning in the 1920s. And when his owner returned hours later, Hachiko would be right there at the train platform waiting for him. One day, his owner died at work. Hachiko waitied at the train station for the rest of his life.

Hachiko would later be lauded as the world's most loyal dog. And he and his owner would be immortalized with a statue unveiled at the University of Tokyo last year.

And more recently, there was Negão, a dog who proved Akitas haven't cornered the market on loyalty. This faithful friend waited for eight months outside his owner's hospital.

Rest assured, Maya. Your owner is coming back. And, yes, we know the wait can feel like forever. Especially when you love someone more than anything in the world.

In the meantime, hospital staff will take good care of you.