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Loyal Dog Waits Days Outside Hospital For His Dying Owner

<p> <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJDLMsRDiuw" target="_blank">YouTube/José Pereira de Souza Filho</a><a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJDLMsRDiuw"></a> </p>

There are few expressions of love purer than the loyalty of a dog. Care staff at a hospital in Brazil recently witnessed that immense dedication firsthand.

Earlier this month in the city of Sidrolândia, an elderly woman with a life-threatening illness was rushed by ambulance to thelocal hospital. Perhaps sensing that she was unwell and unwilling to await her return, the patient's dog, who had been left alone at home, somehow managed to track his human down.

Paramedics suspect the dog may have followed one of the ailing woman's family members to the hospital door, G1 Globo News reports - but the most remarkable thing is what happened when he got there.

The dog waited. And waited. And waited.

YouTube/José Pereira de Souza Filho

For more than a week, the dog refused to budge from his spot outside the hospital doors.

"He looked inside like he was waiting for someone and would not leave," Olga Caroline Baldin, a receptionist at the hospital, told the local news outlet. "He stood at the ready, looking inside, waiting - it was impressive. There were times when people had to jump through the hospital entrance because he didn't move for anyone."

Sadly, the dog's long wait was in vain. Just a few days after being admitted, his dying owner passed away even as his vigil continued.

The dog's incredible loyalty, and incredible loss, wasn't lost on those who worked at the hospital. According to the facility's director, they've since arranged for him to stay with a foster until they can find him a permanent home:

"Many people want to adopt him, many people came to me to want to take the dog, I received many calls. Even a doctor of ours wanted to adopt."

Here's footage of the dog, taken on the third day of his vigil.