Awful Viral Video Gets Dog Saved From Her Abuser

This week, a disturbing cell phone video showed Missy the dog getting beaten, punched and called a "dumb bitch," but just days later, animal advocates say she's safe.

On Tuesday, footage of a man striking Missy and throwing her to the ground while she yelped in pain spread through social media, prompting public outcry and an investigation by police in Corpus Christi, Texas.



"For those of you concerned about this video, released today, Animal Control Cruelty along with CCPD are investigating this to the fullest extent," wrote Animal Care Services Tuesday evening.

Less than an hour later, however, authorities had successfully executed a warrant and seized Missy from her owner.

"It looked really bad on camera, luckily, the dog is not that severely injured," Animal Control captain Chris White told local news station KIII. "She's doing well, she's in very good spirits."

According to animal shelter For the Love of Strays, Missy's owner refused to surrender the dog before she was taken by police. Disturbingly, the group says the man claimed to be punishing Missy for trying to run away.

Police have yet to make an arrest, but say a court date will be set in the next few weeks to determine whether Missy's former owner can be prosecuted for animal cruelty.

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