Dog Caught In Bear Trap For Weeks Licks Snow To Stay Alive

Tied to a tree in the middle of the forest, one dog managed to survive two weeks in a bear trap - by licking snow to stay hydrated.

"Words cannot describe what happened to Forest, the stubborn dog that wouldn't just lie down and die," his rescuers wrote in a post to Facebook. It's that stubborn mentality that kept him alive.

He was stuck in a hunter's trap, a device that gets tighter when pulled. His attempts to free himself only made the wire loop dig deeper into his skin.

But before it was too late, he was saved.

He was alive, but in rough shape with infected wounds, parasitic worms and bloodied limbs.

While being trapped robbed him of the two legs on his left side and nearly his life, he made a new, human friend at the Centrum Adopcyjne Lecznicy, a rescue center in Poland.

"Jakub Kotowicz spent the last month caring for Forest, giving him every bit of time he could," the rescue group writes on Facebook. "It is perhaps this friendship, this selfless empathy, that allowed Forest to get back up on his feet."

After a month of care, the center wrote that his life was no longer in imminent danger, but he still had a great deal of healing ahead of him in order to simply remain healthy.

Right now, the group is hoping to raise funds for Forest to receive prosthetic legs, so he'll be able to walk around more comfortably.

But that's not stopping him now.

While Forest is up and about and apparently happy, it appears that there won't be any justice for the person who did this to him. "What we do not know, is who did this to him. We don't know why," the center wrote. "If it was a poacher, he was probably checking that trap every day - and consciously chose to ignore the dying dog."

But that doesn't bother Forest. He's too busy learning how to run with only two legs - something that he's surprisingly good at after such a short time.

Watch the video below of Forest running and swinging his massive tail to help keep him balanced.