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Dog Rescued After Being Trapped For Days In Fox's Den

From all corners of the globe, archeologists have traveled to Italy in order to uncover ancient artifacts buried beneath the ground.

This weekend, people found something much more unusual than a 3,000-year-old clay pot.

A Florentine dog was running through the woods with his owner when the pup began to chase a fox.

Once out of his owner's sight, the dog followed the animal's scent right into a foxhole, according to a local Italian newspaper. And that's where the dog remained, trapped between the rock ceiling and the dirt floor of the cave's narrow entrance.

After three days of searching, the man finally found his lost dog and immediately called the Florence fire department to help unearth him. Upon arrival, the team tried various methods to open the passageway for the dog before settling on digging by hand to remove the dirt.

Fortunately, the dog was freed and in surprisingly good condition for having no food or water for three days.

A word of advice to all dogs out there - take it from me, a person who often follows his nose's curiosity: Beware of the smells you chase, because they might lead you nowhere good.